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Dr. Joe

Only You Can Change Your Life!

Founder of Journey Life Tv, Dr. Joesph L. Williams is a pastor, speaker, author, life coach, community activist, and a certified nutritionist and holistically trained doctor.

Step One: Journey Book
Drawing from biblical truth, the insights of science and medicine and his personal experience of transformation, Dr. Joseph L. Williams uncovers myths of health and wellness and exposes the connections between spiritual and physical wholeness. More than just a book on weight loss, The Journey is a spiritual process that takes readers deep within themselves. Dr. Williams explores the cultural and personal patterns that impact physical health, identifies principles of disrupting those patterns and lays out a manageable plan for readers to apply as they begin their own journey of transformation

Step Two: 40 Day Turn Up!
The 40DTU is a 40-day process designed to assist participants in weight loss. The process was founded by Joseph L. Williams, PhD, RDN, HP, author and founder of the Journey process.   The process is also specifically designed to target other areas of health disparities such as, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancer as well as all other disease and physiological aliments that are directly and indirectly related to lifestyle, diet and nutrition.   The goal of the process is to teach participants healthy ways of eating, appropriate portions of meals, regular detoxification in a way whereby each participant will be able to maintain their individual results after the process has come to an end.

Step Three: Journey 3.0
The Journey is not a Program but rather a Process. Programs have a start and an ending point; however, a process is something that can be ongoing. The Journey is a holistic Process that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. I never believed people could change who they were in one area of their existence (Mind, Body or Spirit) successfully without addressing the needs of the total person. In many cases, people who have issues with obesity or addictive behaviors tend to have underlying spiritual and emotional issues that triggered those behaviors. If the person only addresses their problem from the context of their body they will most likely miss the impetus of the problem or issue. The theory given can be applied to any facet of human consciousness (Mind, Body or Spirit). It is only when the person addresses their problem using a holistic approach will they see the desired changes.

Journey 3.0 is invite only. You must be a graduate of the 40 Day Turn Up to progress to this level.