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Diet and Mental Health: How Food Impacts Your Mood

Diet and Mental Health: How Food Impacts Your Mood

Nutrition is the cornerstone of all health and wellness. It affects every element of one’s life from sleep, physical performance, the growth of hair and nails, and even mental health. Most people do not see the link between food and mental health; however, the links are clear and evident. 

Food intake and the types of foods as well as the amount of food can impact health and wellness in the following way. 

#1–Unstable Blood Sugar—when blood sugar is not stabilized, primarily in the mornings, it can greatly impact one’s ability to focus and have steady energy throughout the day. When blood sugar is unestablished it can lead to the abuse of caffeine to stave off blood sugar crashes which can also lead to a litany of other negative repercussions on one’s health. 

#2—Unnorishment—we live in a society whereby people are overfed but undernourished. Americans eat an abundance of food; however, much of the food is high in sugar, oils, and other processed and refined foods. This will lead to a state of undernourishment whereby the person is not getting the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal function. 

Over time, the lack of nutrients can create “brain fog” and an overall lack of focus. The inability to function at a high level can lead to a disruption of one’s mood and overall sense of wellbeing. 

#3—Chronic Constipation—OTC laxatives are some of the most abused OTC drugs. People buy them and take them because of their inability to have timely and healthy bowel movements. The abuse of said drugs and the lack of proper nutrition can lead to lazy bowels and chronic constipation. 

Constipation can have a lasting effect on one’s mood and happiness. Those who are “regular” have stated they have a better sense of overall wellbeing for obvious reasons. The lack of water, fibrous nutrient-dense foods, and sedentary lifestyles lead to this chronic condition we see in them. 

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