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How can an unhealthy diet affect your marriage/relationship?

How can an unhealthy diet affect your marriage/relationship?

Nutrition is the cornerstone of all health and wellness. This means if one has a nutritional profile whereby they are eating the correct foods that are nutrient-dense, natural, in the proper volume, and in the ideal macronutrient combination (Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats), that person’s overall health will be optimized when compared to the person who does not have a healthy nutritional profile. 

Nutrition affects all areas of one’s life from sleep, performance, emotional stability, and overall sense of well-being. For this reason, a poor diet and nutritional profile can even affect one’s relationship or marriage? If yes then how so? 

#1—emotional instability. When a person eats sugary processed foods, cakes, and snakes, it creates havoc within the body. Refined sugar affects the blood sugar, spiking it and creating large blood sugar falls which leads to and can greatly impact the person’s mood. Spiking blood sugar can cause the person to become sleepy, agitated, and even angry without being aware of why. Over time, this can negatively impact any relationship.

#2—self-imaging issues. Many people who are overweight and who live unhealthy lives have issues with their bodies and how they view themselves. Many feel they are unattractive and undesirable even when they are in relationships. If a person is desired by their mate; however, they themselves do not feel desirable, this can lead to indirect intimacy issues which are essential within any relationship or marriage. 

#3—sexual performance. If a person is unable to sexually satisfy their spouse or partner, it can lead to the demise of the relationship. When a person has a poor diet, their main energetic system will be compromised and can lead to sexual performance issues (males and females) from the inability to stay aroused and to perform with vigor and vitality. 

Just as anything else, nutrition is of the utmost importance even within marriages and relationships 

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